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May 19, 2019

When Anna Marshall was a little girl, she’d watch her mom completely redesign spaces as an interior designer. Born into a family that remodels and builds new homes, the appreciation and desire for creating beautiful things was in her DNA.


Anna’s passion for design led her into fashion at a young age, landing her first job with a couture designer just out of high school. Soon after, she enrolled in the renowned art academy, Otis Parsons, where she studied design before launching her own brand, Anna Paul. With her designs found in over 600 boutiques nationwide, as well as at premier retailers like Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom, Anna traveled the world sharing her gift and pulling inspiration from the beautiful places she experienced.


But as Anna’s success in fashion grew, so did her pull toward home — both professionally and personally. Now with two babies at home, she decided to close her fashion business and join her family in the high-end staging business, creating beautiful spaces to prepare multi-million dollar estates for sale. Designing and staging homes belonging to Beyonce, Madonna, Tom Petty and so many more, Anna developed a keen sense of what her clients need, transforming the most challenging spaces into irresistible works of art.


It was during that time that Anna experienced her own personal transformation. After she exited the fashion industry she went through a painful divorce. Becoming a single mother of two, Anna was feeling depressed and uninspired. She went into the family staging business, and began freelancing interior design projects. While she was finding success with her own clients’ spaces, she began to notice that her own home was leaving her feeling stuck and negative. She was determined to clear her space of anything that symbolized the life she had left behind, only keeping things that evoked feelings of happiness. Soon she felt revitalized, with a sense of hope and for her own future and excitement for what she could now provide her clients.


Through her own personal transformation, Anna would discover that while she was staging and designing these high end properties to sell for millions, what she really was doing was realigning the spaces in a way that felt inviting and peaceful, leaving most clients wishing they had hired her years before. Anna loved the feedback but felt like she was missing an opportunity to help clients redesign their space to actually enjoy their homes, not just to sell.


Today, Anna works with a diverse array of clients, designing functional rooms on any budget that look incredible but, more importantly, inspire people to live the way they’re meant to. Now as the best selling author of D.R.E.A.M. Home and host of the brand new podcast, Detox Your Space, Anna has expanded her reach even further to help even more people transform their homes --  and their lives.


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